About W. B. Adams Co

W. B. ¬†Adams Co has been servicing clients’ Insurance needs since 1988. They are built on the principles of providing superior customer service and quality Insurance solutions.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, our goal is to assist you in all your Insurance needs. We will help you manage and plan for your potential risks, assess your needs and offer you a variety of Insurance products to choose from.

Service, whether it is in response to an insurance claim or a general question, is the most important value we offer you. We work hard to build a trusted relationship with our clients and we strive to make you feel both comfortable with and confident in our ability by acting as your Professional Insurance Agent.

We are dedicated to our customers and want you to have the same confidence in us that your parents may have had and that your children will have. As an Independent Agent, we work with select Insurance Companies that have proven their performance over the years and that offer the appropriate coverage at the most competitive price to protect you, your family and your business.